Thomas Albertus Irnberger



Born in Salzburg in 1985, Thomas Albertus Irnberger began taking violin lessons at the age of seven and piano lessons one year later.
Due to his noticeably early talent, by the age of nine he was accepted as an exceptional student
at the University Mozarteum in the class for highly talented.
Further studies led him to Bruckner University and Joseph Sabaini in Linz, and abroad
to the violin legend Ivry Gitlis in Paris. He also received important artistic impulse from Mauricio
Fuks, Alberto Lysy, Igor Oistrach, Dmitry Sitkovetsky and Grigory Zhislin.
His participation in numerous youth competitions at home and abroad (such as the Gorizia International Violin Competition in Italy ) - as a soloist as well as a chamber musician - brought him a total of sixteen first prizes. He was also awarded a special prize for his Paganini interpretations and for the interpretation of contemporary works.
His special passion is for the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, whose Double Concerto for Violin
and Oboe he played already at the age of twelve with the Arcata Stuttgart under Patrick Strub and
the Ensemble CIS under Jürgen Geise, as well as the works of Viennese Classicism.
At the age of fifteen he celebrated his sensational debut with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra at the Palais de Beaux Arts Brussels as a soloist in Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto.
Since then Thomas Albertus Irnberger has performed in concert in numerous cultural metropolises in Europe and has been a guest at renowned international festivals, such as the " Festivals Internationales de Violon " in the South of France.
His debut - CD was released by Pan Classics when he was seventeen and contained works by
Hindemith, Debussy, Enescu, Paganini, Kreisler, Fauré and Elgar, for which he received excellent
critiques from the specialist press in which his " brilliant technical ability combined with mature
creative power and tonal refinement ", as well as " his distinct tonal colours and assured feeling for
style " were emphasised.
Such well known composers  as Ernst Ludwig Leitner and Maxim Seloujanov have dedicated works to him. At an early age, Thomas Albertus Irnberger had already acquired an excellent international reputation as a soloist in the great violin concertos. Artistic cooperation connects him to the well-known Austrian " Harmonices mundi " orchestra under Joseph Sabaini.
Especially stimulating for Thomas Albertus Irnberger was his cooperation with the renowned pianist Jörg Demus who awaked his love for the historic keyboard instruments and their fascinating tonal beauty.